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Frequently Asked Questions


Virtual Assistant Services

What type of programs can the assistant use ?
All our Virtual assistants are IT professionals who have experience using all Microsoft enterprise programmes, each assistant is knowledgeable in three or more softwares in his field of expertise, our customer support VA are proficient in CRMS such as Zendesk, Infusionsoft, Portal, bascecamp and many more, Our finance and accounting VAs are familiar with most accounting softwares, Designers and programmers are also familiar with softwares in their field.
How do I choose the right personnel to hire ?
We help you throughout the process of choosing the right person to hire. Click the staff recruiting icon under services and ill the hired staffing or aided staffing form or you can reach us via skype for a set by step guide through the process, you may also call our customer support line.
Can I change personnel i have hired ?
You can request to change any personnel you have hired at any time with no extra charge ,please reach us via email or call the support line, the change is effected immediately.
Do your Virtual Assistants have references ?
All our virtual assistants have references we have verified before employing them.
Are the assistants fluent in English (no accent) ?
All our assistants have neutral accent. I will however say that some speak better than others and can easily switch to the European or American accent. You are free to try as many virtual assistants as you please.
How do I communicate with my assistant ?
We have a work room where you can easily send and receive messages related to work, your VA can also be reached via phone, email skype or any other means you prefer, contact details are made available before work commences.
What do I do if I go over my designated hours ?
Any additional hours beyond what is stated on the recruitment info without 3 days notice is treated as an emergency service and comes with an extra cost. You may however request to for overtime at least three days prior to the said date or increase your hours one week to time of its commencement.
What are your security measures ?
All information is stored in a secure server and is not shared with anyone besides your assistant and our technical Admin.
How many hours a day can I hire a staff for ?
For an individual staff we usually do not go beyond 9 hours a day unless you request for overtime which we advice should not go beyond 4 hours and we must be given at least 3 days notice for it to be considered overtime if not it will be considered as an emergency service and that attracts extra cost. You can however hire another staff for the same purpose around the clock since we provide 24 hour service.
How soon can a hired staff start work ?
Hired staffs starts work on the day stated in your hiring form.


Web and Graphic Golutions

How can i update my website content ?
Based on your website requirements we will provide you with a site that fits your needs and demands. We provide content management system for most of our sites, which allows you to update your site without any knowledge in html. If you are however that familiar with content management systems we will provide basic tutorial on how to manage your content or you can also hand over the content management system to us by buying any of our maintenance packages at an affordable cost.
How much will a website cost me ?
The price of a website depends on its' volume, complexity and the desired functionality. A small static website's price can start from $300, whereas a big portal or a full ecommerce website with a big number of pages may cost from $3000 and higher. When you submit all the details about the web site you need, we will be able to properly evaluate it and provide you with an affordable price for it.
Will I get an email with my website ?
Yes, you can get more than one email address to communicate with your visitors.
Do I have to provide images for my website or will you do it for me ?
If you have particular images you need to be used, we would like you to provide those. If you have an online shop, we will need the images of your product in the beginning or in the first half of the project. In case you want us to find the images for your site - we can do that too. We use professional stock images' sites, where we purchase the images for your site in the best quality.
In what formats do I need to provide images and texts for my website ?
You can provide the text files in any type of format, as long as the text is not an image and is able of being copied. We would prefer if images are in the best quality possible. Please do not provide images inside a Word document.
How long will it take to have my website designed ?
This depends on a lot of factors, a very simple website can be designed within 24 hours that is if demanded and if all necessary information is provided before work commences. A dynamic website may take between 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the number of the pages, the amount of custom programming needed and the number of revisions required. If you have a certain deadline for your website, we will always try to meet it with you. The time needed for the design also depends on how fast you will provide the content needed for your site.
Do i have to maintain and host my website with you forever or i can move to another supplier ?
After we submit the website to you, you become the owner of all the site's files and are free to choose any supplier you wish.
Will my website be search Engine friendly ?
Yes, we create clean-coded and W3C compliant websites, with SEO-optimized code, which makes your sites easy to be accessed by any search engine.
What if I don't like the design ?
We always pay attention to all the details you provide prior to the beginning of the site's design. In case you don't like the first design we create, we will do 3 revisions free of charge. If you need more revisions, each revision will be based on our hourly rate of $15/hour. Based on our experience of creating sites for different clients, 99% of our clients were happy with the design and didn't need more than 2 revisions.
There are over 1000 VAs to choose from. We receive new CVs daily.
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